Evolution Fundraising

Evolution Group Fundraising:
  Group events will include all skaters and families of Evolution Synchronized Skating Teams.  The profit from these events will go toward the betterment of the overall program.

Team Fundraising:  The profit from these activities will benefit your team as a whole.  Each family must do their part to reach the team goal.  If you do not wish to participate in any of the team fundraising events, you will be required to make a cash contribution to the team.  Some of these events include, Yankee Candle sales, Garage Sales, Car Washes, Coin Drives, Bottle Return Drives and many other creative ways to earn money.

We strongly encourage each skater family to participate and support these events.  We cannot do it alone and the success of each of these events depends on you!

Individual Fundraising Opportunities

Evolution Synchronized Skating Teams offer several different ways to earn money towards your personal skating bill.  For all individual fundraising you will receive a voucher that can be used the same as cash in payment for you bill.  You simply need to turn it into the office attached to your Billing Worksheet and payment to receive credit. 
The following details the fundraising methods we currently offer.

Hiller's Market ~ This program continues to use Hiller's gift cards.  This program also gives a percentage of credit for all your purchases.  You can give these gift cards to family and friends to use to help support your skater!

SCRIP Program
~ We've had a great success with the SCRIP Program, especially around the holidays.
        What is SCRIP?  SCRIP is a payment reduction program that helps you earn credit                 toward your skating costs.

        Program:  Evolution families and friends buy gift certificates and gift cards through the
        program.  Families pay full value for the cards and receive a certain percentage from
        each gift card or gift certificate to earn credit off their skating bill.
        Drop-off and Pick-up of Orders: During the skating year, SCRIP is collected at
        Sunday practices and will be delivered at Sunday practices.  This program has an
        approximate turn around of two weeks.
        Buying Power: The success to SCRIP is buying what you use on a weekly basis.
        Everyone uses gas and needs groceries.  No order amount is too small since SCRIP                credit quickly adds up!  Family and friends can purchase SCRIP through you.  There is a           wide range of restaurants, bookstores, department stores, resort parks, etc.  The list of            retailers can be found here.
Poinsettia Sale ~ In November, we sell Poinsettia.  You will earn a percentage back towards your skating bill.
Palace, Ford Field, Comerica Park & DTE Music Theater ~ This is a great way to earn money towards you skating account.  Vouchers will compensate your work at any of these venues.  There are many dates/opportunities to work and it's a great way to meet other Evolution Parents.  To sign up or if you have questions, please contact Christopher Alfaro at 248-240-8856 or Retchie Palmer at 248-794-3318 or e-mail Christopher at Christopher.alfaro@hp.com.
Evolution is always open to new fundraising ideas.  Please feel free to contact our fundraising chair, Angela Schooley, by phone or email with your ideas.